Toppik Hair Fibers
30 second Hair Transplant !

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Toppik Hair Building Fiber

Toppik Hair Fibers instantly make thinning hair look thick and full. It’s natural keratin protein in the Hair fibers blend and statically cling to the existing hair strands to eliminate the appearance of Hair Loss and thinning hair. Hair Appears thicker and fuller in an Instant.

Customers can buy diverse packages of products as per personal interest or preferences. Our product is exclusively designed to meet every requirement and budget. You can also get advantage of spray applicator, hairline optimizers, fiberhold spray, and value pack as well.

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Small Size
30 Day - 0.36 oz./10.3 g.

Price: $32
Large Size
75 Day - 0.87 oz./25 g.

Price: $59
Giant Size
150 Days - 1.7 oz./50 g.

Price: $87
Travel Size
7 Days - 0.09 oz./2.5 g.

Price: $8
Spray Applicator

Price: $33
Hairline Optimizers

Price: $8.5
Fiberhold Spray
4 fl. oz./118 ml.

Price: $21
Value Pack
2 x 50 gm bottles &
1 x 10 gm bottle

Price: $190